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What do we do?

In one sentence: We are a network of specialist independent recruiters.
We love recruitment, and we want to make it easier and better. We are sure you know many in this field who love recruitment but simply feel overwhelmed with endless business development or simply not delivering as expected by their clients.
We want you to succeed and enjoy your job!

We have built a community that shares roles, candidates and also knowledge and experience with each other. A community based on trust and collaboration.

Generate more profit

By working with Instalent you will get access to several job req’s you would otherwise not be able to recruit for. Forget PSL’s.

Less time for business development

We always have plenty of lucrative roles to work on. So you will be able to focus more on recruiting, and less on endless business development.

Faster placements

Share your hard-to-fill req’s with the community and you’ll receive suitable candidates very quickly. You fill your client’s jobs faster and you’ll have time to work on more roles.

No more lost candidates

What happens usually? For most of the roles only one candidate gets hired. But how about your other great applicants? Use your already existing database and submit them for roles on the platform!

Work from anywhere

Be your own boss. You can work remotely from anywhere. From home, or even from the beach in the Maldives. Spend time with your family and work whenever you want.

Amazing Community

Why is our network so unique and special? The strength of our network is our close community and our Mastermind Groups. Our members have close relationship with each other, they share their knowledge and experiences on the platform.






There are 2 types of members within the Network.
The BD Members who have ongoing contracts and assignments with the hiring companies(end-clients)
The Supplier Members who supply the candidates for the roles.

1. Uploading the role

Once there is an agreement with a client, the BD Member who is working with the client uploads the role on the platform and provides not just a job description but detailed insights for filling the role.

2. Recruiters are notified and assigned

We notify the members about the new role. They are assigned based on their specialism and local knowledge. We do all debriefing and give them all information needed to successfully fill the role, when possible through weekly webinars.

3. Search phase

The Supplier Members identify the top candidates within their talent pool or through direct search and engage with them. They complete the interviews and tests with them and start submitting the candidates on the platform.

4. Review phase

The BD Member starts receiving recommended candidates on the platform. They get immediate notification when we have found someone. The Supplier member provides a candidate profile with key details and background information.

5. Successful placement

The candidate gets hired by the end-client. The candidate fills his/her guarantee period(usually 90 days) and the BD Member receives the fee from the end-client.

6. Splitting the recruitment fee

The recruitment fee is split in the following way: the BD Member and the Supplier Member who found the placed candidate receive 40%-40% and Instalent gets 20% from the total recruitment fee.


Why should I share my roles?

When you have difficulties filling a role or the client is hiring multiple candidates it’s a good idea to fulfill the client’s need even for less than the total recruitment fee. Simply you can place more candidates and earn money, when otherwise you’ll get nothing.

When do I get paid when my candidate gets hired?

For each candidate you submit via Instalent that is hired by an employer, you will be paid a fee after the candidate guarantee period (typically 60-90 days) from your candidate’s start date with the end-client. Once the payment is received from the client, we are paying the recruitment fee via Bank wire.

What if the candidate is already known by the end-client or the BD Member?

Employers need candidates that they don’t know yet. In order to get the split-fee, the candidate has to be “new” to the employer. If the candidate is already known by the BD Member, and has a proof of contact within last 12 months, he/she has to immediately notify Instalent and the Supplier recruiter.

Who "owns" the candidate I submit?

After submitting a candidate for the role, you have the “ownership” of the candidate for 6 months for that specific client. If a BD Member places the candidate in this period for any client, the fee will be split.

What about double submissions?

If your candidate was submitted to our system by an other recruiter, then the candidate “belongs” to the recruiter who submitted him/her firstly. We’ll do our best to immediately inform you about the case. In this case the fee will be given to the person who initially submitted the candidate.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Instalent is free for recruiters. There are no costs or monthly fees for independent recruiters to use the platform. We take only a 20% share after successful placements.

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